How We Communicate

CHCP  communicates with parents about their children on a daily basis: the morning sign-in, brief conversations with the teachers, and emails from the staff.  Parents may also check in to the bulletin boards, this website, and the family handbook for standing information. Parent/teacher conferences are held twice a year while the board meets six times per year.

Any and all of these avenues should be used to express concerns.

Initial meeting with the director.
Initial meeting with the director.

Board Meetings

The Board meets at least 6 times annually.  A notice announcing time, date and location is posted one week prior. Parents are welcome and encouraged to come to board meetings. If a parent has an issue to bring to the Board, he or she can speak to the Director of Board Chair and ask for the issue to be put on the meeting agenda. The names and phone numbers of Board members are posted on the bulletin board above the sign in table.

Daily Communication

Ideally combining a brief verbal exchange with a written note works best.

  • Notes to director or Teacher can be left in the office. Each teacher has a cubby in the office.
  • Notes from the Teachers or Director are put in your parent mailbox.
  • Phone conversations can be arranged by asking the teacher when she would be available to talk. Teachers can use their cell phones only when on Break and texting is never used to communicate with families during working hours.
  • Brief exchanges at arrival and departure time are possible. Please remember that staff is responsible for the group of children they are supervising. It is not appropriate to talk about children in front of them.
  • The bulletin boards (one on the wall/ one hanging above the sign-in table) at the entrance are used for daily notes and information. The nap chart is kept there for children who nap in the upstairs activity room.
  • The bulletin board on the purple closet door in the Purple Room has a place for noting if anyone other than parents is picking up your child. We must have written permission to release your child to anyone (even grandma!) other than his or her parents.
  • The Blue room bulletin board is located above the cubbies in the Blue room. Gathering plans, open center plans, daily schedules are posted there.
  • Gathering plans: Gatherings meet in a room for a week at a time. The rotation order is: Yellow-Purple-Earth-Green-Activity Room-Rainbow. Teachers post gathering plans in the room on the board. Some teachers leave brief notes about gathering activities on their doors or near cubbies of those in their gathering. Look for the gathering locator information on the bulletin board at the entrance of the school.
  • Activity sheets are posted in each classroom, listing the activities that are available that are available from 10:30-11:30 (also known as Dot Time).
  • Weekly menus are posted on Monday morning on the refrigerator door in the kitchen and the upstairs bulletin board and on our website.
  • Voice Mail If you call the school when the phone is in use you will access our voice mail system. We check our messages at least twice per day and will return your call as soon as possible. If there is an emergency, please keep calling.
  • Email:

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences will be held twice each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The teacher will schedule these by posting a sign-up sheet or by phone or email. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities to talk with your child’s teacher, to learn how your child is doing at school and to share your ideas, information and insight. The Director will sometimes join in the conference. If you have questions or concerns, however, small, please do not wait for scheduled conferences…seemingly small things in the life of a preschooler can be very big for them and their parents! Individual conference can always be scheduled at the request of either parents or staff.

Gathering Teachers will make contact, either in person or by phone, each family at the beginning of the fall and summer session.

Standing Information

  • A tuition box is located in the office.
  • The cat bulletin board is located upstairs in the preschool foyer. One side is devoted to notices about community services and activities. The other side contains preschool information and policies.
  • The medicines bulletin board is located in the Purple room on the purple closet door. Staff can only administer medication that parents have authorized by completing the required form.
  • Parents participation information notebooks are located next to the participation calendar sign-up by the cat bulletin board.
  • A family handbook is given to all parents when their child is enrolled. This document is full of information about programs and policies. Keep it as a handy reference.

Grievance Procedures

Issues related to program and staffing should be discussed with the directors. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be worked out, concerns can be brought to the board. Issues related to school finances, budget, policies and regulations could be brought to the board. Parents can call individual board members or come to board meetings.

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